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Canvas paintings

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Framed prints - 21 million motifs!

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Our assortment

On Familjetapeter we have an assortment of 21 millions pictures. All images are quality assured, high resolution and taken by professionals. This means that you can get any kind of motif whatsoever, printed in high quality as a canvas. In addition to this we also give price guarantee, which means that we guarantee that we have the lowest price on our canvas. Id you find the same type of canvas with the same motifs being sold cheaper, so we will match it and sell the canvas to you for that price.

At Familjetapeter we give you razor sharp professional images printed on high quality canvas at the lowest price!


Canvastavlor Familjetapeter

Canvas pictures at Familjetapeter!

Now we have launched a new product at Familjetapeter - all our 21 million motifs can now be printed as a high quality canvas in several different sizes. You can have all from one cool New York picture to a beautiful sunset over the sea direct to your home. We have done a comprehensive categorisation of all our 21 million photos, so that you will be able to find the image that suits you best. In the unlikely event that you do not find the motifs you want, you can always contact us and we will help with image search.

Our new canvas product has a high quality. The canvas is printed with a nuanced colour reproduction on a cloth of 100% cotton. The frame is of Swedish pine and is assembled before it is sent, so that the canvas can be hung directly in your home when it's delivered. Place your order today!

Canvastavla egen bild

Canvas own picture

Did you know that you can have your own picture printed onto canvas? Simply go to the side "own canvas" and click on "create your canvas". Upload your image, select the size, select the crop. On the page there is an indicator that shows the quality of your picture, so you know how good the it is going to be on your future canvas. When you are satisfied with the selection, then click on the shopping cart and then proceed to checkout. When you have entered your details and confirmed your purchase, we create your canvas and send it within 3-4 days. Simple, isn't it? Click on the button "Read more" and order already today!

roliga hundbilder på canvastavla

Funny dog pictures

Now we have created a page with funny dog pictures. We have gathered the absolute funniest dogs pictures. Do you think that the pictures are so funny that you want them in your home? No problem! All dog pictures can be created as canvas.  Then you can get a card for your favourite dog, printed on a plate and shipped directly to your home. Simply click on "purchase as canvas". To go to the funny dog pictures page on canvas click on the "read more" button.


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