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For kids

Here you will find our most popular wallpapers for children, and wallpapers that we ourself would hang in a nursery. We have selected a handful of wallpapers that we know to be best-sellers and also have a child-friendly, happy combination of colours and patterns. If you aren’t able to find your particular favourite here you can use our regular menu to the left to find the brand you are searching for. Any kind of wallpaper can be suitable for a nursery and our selection are merely suggestions. Your own (and your childrens) taste and preferences are always the most important!


Wallpapers and wall decor for every wallet Decorating has never been more fun than now. There is a tremendous wealth of variety when it comes to wallpaper and furniture, so everyone can find their particular style and create fantastic atmospheres in both home and public environments. Since early 2013, Familijetapeter by LN Färg & Tapetbutik AB has had a mission of offering affordable wallpaper, wall murals and other wall decor at very reasonable prices. We believe that everyone, regardless of the thickness of their wallet, should have the opportunity to create their dream home. With one of the largest selections of wallpaper, wall murals and wall decor in Sweden, we hope you can start decorating your dream home with us today!