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Our assortment

At Familjetapeter we have market's biggest assortments. We have 21 million high-resolution photos taken by professionals and in lots of different colours. You can basically get any motifs whatsoever printed as photo wallpaper for your home. All images have been carefully categorized so you can easily find a photo that fits you best. In the unlikely event that you would not find a picture, so you can contact our customer service and we will help you with image search for your wallpaper.

In addition to our huge assortment, we also offer a price guarantee, which means that we guarantee that we have the lowest price. If you find the same type of wallpaper with the same motifs being sold cheaper, so we will match it and give you the same price. Isn't it great?


At Familjetapeter we give you razor sharp professional images printed on high quality wallpapers at market's lowest prices!

Our materials

At Familjetapeter everyone is welcome. We believe that everyone can have a nice decoration at home, and decoration ideas should not be limited by your wallet or anything else. Therefore, we have developed a wide range of materials, that match everyone's preferences. With each wallpaper type we offer different patterns and qualities. Most pictures are in the category ”Custom size”. There, we have over 21 million pictures that are ready to be printed!

Great wallpaper tips – We show you how to do it!

To determine and set up your home decoration can sometimes be very difficult. Photo wallpapers and other types of wall decoration are no exception. The choice of materials and patterns can create some anxiety and some people find it difficult to put up wallpapers. Therefore we have gathered some general tips about photo wallpapers. We believe that all elements of the interior design process should be simple and fun!

Here you can read about what to consider when choosing wallpapers and pictures to your wall, or wallpaper tools and which glue to use. We hope that with this help you to be satisfied with all aspects of your new photo wallpaper!


Most people spend most of their time at home. Therefore, it is important that they are happy with their home decoration and feel comfortable during all these hours.  Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to do to get your home decoration personalized and "spot on". We have therefore gathered some examples of wall backgrounds and what can be done with our photo wallpapers. After having looked at some photos, your mind can be freshened up and your decorating ideas can flow naturally. Go to this link and look, enjoy and be inspired!


Wall murals for the whole family!

Familjetapeter is a Swedish online store that sells wall murals and canvas prints for home and business. We at Familjetapeter all have the same goal – to use wall murals to inspire and create experiences for both adults and children. Via the Internet and our online store, you can easily enter your own measurements or order your own wall mural from our selection of fixed dimensions. A lot of work has been done to categorise our motifs so that you can easily choose your own dream motif. Now, in peace and quiet at home or on the way to work, you can choose and order our wall murals from among the stores’ hundreds of wallpaper folders and avoid the Saturday rush.

Did you know that we have over 21 million wall murals in our selection?! This makes us one of the world’s largest suppliers of wall murals. Because we only work with wall murals and we work online, i.e. no expensive store locations - we can keep the lowest prices without compromising on quality, as well as deliver wall murals to customers all over Northern Europe, and we actually have customers from every corner of the world.

Price guarantee – Guaranteed lowest price on the market!

At Familjetapeter, you can shop for our wall murals at excellent prices. The price guarantee means that we regularly review our pricing to ensure that you can shop safely and securely without ever worrying that the price is over market price.

In the unlikely event that you find our wall murals, motifs and quality at a lower price at another store, you may purchase the product from us for the same price. The idea is that it is the same wall mural and specifications and can be purchased on the same terms. If you do find a wall mural for a cheaper price, do the following: Contact our Customer Service and tell them where you found the cheaper wall mural. Attach a link to the page where you found the cheaper price. We will gladly help!

Wall Murals - Selection and quality

With over 21 million wall murals, we are one of the world’s largest suppliers of wall mural. Once you’ve chosen your dream motif and entered the wall’s dimensions, we print your wall mural. We are constantly refining the smallest details of our developed manufacturing process and wall murals. We aren’t pros at everything, but we can do wall murals! Now that we have also added wall murals with fixed dimensions to our catalogue, we can offer wall murals at truly great prices. A perfect example is a child’s room, where you know your motif and wall mural will be changed after a few years when the child gets older.

Our goal is to always have good options at different price ranges, depending on situation and phase in life. Our custom wall murals, as well as our premium wallpapers, are dimensionally stable and of a durable non-woven (150g/m2) type. Our wall murals are developed from high-resolution photos taken by professional photographers. The wall mural is printed specifically for you and your base wall’s dimensions. The adhesive must be applied directly to the base wall (non-woven adhesive) and the wallpaper placed edge-to-edge. The width of each length of wallpaper is 47.5 cm.

Our standard wallpaper is quality-assured and affordable “blueback” mural paper. The adhesive is applied directly to the rolls, which are placed edge-to-edge. The wallpaper is easy to put up, but if you feel uncertain, consult a professional.


Wallpapers and wall decor for every wallet Decorating has never been more fun than now. There is a tremendous wealth of variety when it comes to wallpaper and furniture, so everyone can find their particular style and create fantastic atmospheres in both home and public environments. Since early 2013, Familijetapeter by LN Färg & Tapetbutik AB has had a mission of offering affordable wallpaper, wall murals and other wall decor at very reasonable prices. We believe that everyone, regardless of the thickness of their wallet, should have the opportunity to create their dream home. With one of the largest selections of wallpaper, wall murals and wall decor in Sweden, we hope you can start decorating your dream home with us today!