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Upload your own images! is a Swedish online store that gives customers the possibility of uploading their own images. We make it possible for you to have one of your own pictures made into photo wallpaper, a canvas print or a poster. By creating photo wallpaper or a print from your own image, you can create something which is unique to you alone. Maybe a holiday picture or a picture of you and your partner could become the photo wallpaper for your bedroom or perhaps a family photo would make the perfect Christmas gift for Grandma or Grandpa? 

Because our entire business is net-based, that is to say with no expensive stores, we are able to provide photo wallpapers to customers all over Northern Europe – indeed in all corners of the world – at the lowest prices and without compromising quality.

Upload your own image – Photo wallpaper

Own Image Photo Wallpaper allows you to create your very own photo wallpaper, made from a stable, durable non-woven material.

Upload your own image – Canvas prints

Own Image Canvas Prints allows you to create personal canvas prints from your own images. Images are printed on 100% cotton cloth (390g/m2) of the highest quality. For the best possible results, we always deliver our canvas prints ready-mounted and tensioned on stable Swedish wood stretchers. Choose from two thicknesses, 18 mm or 38 mm thick. All our canvas prints are UV and water-resistant and will stay fresh for 200 years. We always press our canvas prints at the sides too to make sure you get the best results.

Upload your own image – Poster or framed print

Posters may be ordered with or without framing. Boards consist of structurally stable wooden frames in black, white or silver, as well as a glass plate. Mounts are optional but they can often make the most of the subject. All our pictures can be cropped too, ensuring you get exactly that part of the image you want.

Creating personal wallpapers, canvas prints or posters from your own images has never been easier. Upload your own image, specify the dimensions, select the crop and get an indication of image quality directly. If you have any questions, you should know that our graphics professionals can do a great deal with an image / wallpaper to meet your specific needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us via our customer telephone 08 26 11 11 for free advice.

Our ambition is always to offer the best alternative!


Wallpapers and wall decor for every wallet Decorating has never been more fun than now. There is a tremendous wealth of variety when it comes to wallpaper and furniture, so everyone can find their particular style and create fantastic atmospheres in both home and public environments. Since early 2013, Familijetapeter by LN Färg & Tapetbutik AB has had a mission of offering affordable wallpaper, wall murals and other wall decor at very reasonable prices. We believe that everyone, regardless of the thickness of their wallet, should have the opportunity to create their dream home. With one of the largest selections of wallpaper, wall murals and wall decor in Sweden, we hope you can start decorating your dream home with us today!