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Borosan 17

Borosan is a wide-ranging wallpaper collection that embraces many styles to suit all sorts of rooms. The wallpapers are not only environmentally sustainable; they are also very easy to work with. Give your room a character that exudes quality. Wallpaper patterns in different colours and styles, with a classic yet modern look. Borosan is truly the result of many years’ expertise and experience. With a design team that is passionate about creating new patterns and colour compositions, we have developed high-quality wallpapers that represent a real dedication to sustainability and Swedish production.

Picture of Garden - 3504
Picture of Alice - 3530
Picture of Surface - 3552
Picture of Tone - 3544
Picture of Surface - 3548
Picture of Canvas - 3532
Picture of Tone - 3540
Picture of Ella - 3526
Picture of Garden - 3502
Picture of Canvas - 3531
Picture of Tone - 3543
Picture of Leaf - 3507
Picture of Elvira - 3560
Picture of Linn - 3559
Picture of Albin - 3555
Picture of Theo - 3525
Picture of Anton - 3554
Picture of Loop - 3518