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Designers Guild Wallpaper

English floral patterns with lots of colourful splendour are what most people think of when discussing Designers Guild wallpaper. This old English design house has been producing its characteristic, colourful patterns since 1970 and today is represented in over 40 countries. 

Here you will find Tricia Guild wallpapers

Designers Guild wallpapers are known just as well under Tricia Guild's name, the designer and brand's founder. There are frequent new collections from the Designers Guild. In addition to their romantic floral wallpapers, there is also a large selection of classic and modern medallion wallpapers. You will also find geometric designs, vinyl papers with exciting textures and beautiful velvet Designers Guild wallpapers.

Colour your home with Designers Guild wallpaper UK

Designers Guild wallpaper comes in every conceivable intense colour, from yellow and pink to purple and cobalt blue. You can also find new releases of their popular patterns in more muted, modern hues such as silver grey and cream. There is a Designers Guild pattern and shade for everyone. Buy your iconic Designers Guild wallpaper UK from us safely and efficiently online. We have their complete range that is continuously expanding with new collections. Of course, we have home delivery and a price guarantee as standard.

Picture of Chareau Noir - PDG1053/05
Picture of Roseus - Peony - P620/03
Picture of KYUSHU FLAX - PDG1045/05 Picture of KYUSHU FLAX - PDG1045/05