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Wallpapers for dining rooms

Decorate your dining room with wallpaper. Get inspired and find the perfect wallpaper for your dining room here. Choose from many different styles, colours, and patterns, and transform your dining room with wallpaper.

Decorate the dining room with wallpaper

Wallpaper in the dining room can really lift the whole room and make it both very grand and harmonious and cosy. The dining room is a space that is used a lot for everyday dinners, weekends, parties and more and is therefore a room to prioritize in the home.

Wallpaper for dining rooms helps you create different feelings

What feeling do you want to create? What style do you have in other parts of the house? You're guaranteed to find a suitable wallpaper for your dining room that creates the feeling you are looking for. If you have an open floor plan and a kitchen-diner, you can use a background wall or different wallpaper to separate the dining room and kitchen to create a nice dining area. Here, you will find wallpapers for dining rooms with a turn of the century look, colour combinations, and patterns. If you need guidance or help with your choice of wallpaper for the dining room or have any questions, please contact us and we will help you create your dream home.

Astrid - 692-02

RRP: £76.10

Astrid - 692-04

RRP: £76.10

Sense - 1170

RRP: £24.60

Amorina - 1771

RRP: £61.70

Melodi - 1757

RRP: £61.70

Johan - 4512

RRP: £58.00

Vertigo - 1777

RRP: £61.70

Linné - 4505

RRP: £58.00

Vertigo - 1776

RRP: £61.70