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Fiona Wallpaper

Fiona wallpaper is from a Danish company with its roots dating back to the 19th century. A Fiona wallcovering is not only a beautiful design to have in the home but also a traditional wall decoration.

Classic and modern Fiona wallpaper

With its long history, wallcoverings from Fiona have become a watermark for quality. Today, Fiona has one of Europe's most modern wallpaper factories and prints light-proof wallcoverings completely free of PVC, with water-based paint. We offer a wide selection of Fiona wallpapers in traditional and contemporary designs, often with inspiration from Nordic nature.

Buy your wallcoverings from Fiona online

Regardless of whether you are looking for classic patterns, colours and shapes, Fiona wallpaper is a good choice. You get a price guarantee and can choose home delivery when you buy their wallcoverings from us. Buy wallpaper from Fiona at the best prices from us!

Picture of Little World - 560207
Picture of Little World - 560817
Picture of Heritage - 600829
Picture of Little World - 560818
Picture of Heritage - 601034
Picture of Nordic Elegance - 630532
Picture of Little World - 561025
Picture of Little World - 561127
Picture of Little World - 560000
Picture of Heritage - 600828
Picture of Nordic Elegance - 630643
Picture of Little World - 560001
Picture of Heritage - 600520
Picture of Heritage - 600521
Picture of Little World - 560104
Picture of Nordic Elegance - 630104
Picture of Nordic Elegance - 630535
Picture of Little World - 560412
Picture of Nordic Elegance - 630106
Picture of Heritage - 600933
Picture of Little World - 561331
Picture of Little World - 560206
Picture of Nordic Elegance - 630424
Picture of Nordic Elegance - 630533
Picture of Six Senses - 570525
Picture of Nordic Elegance - 630220 Picture of Nordic Elegance - 630220
Picture of Heritage - 600315
Picture of Little World - 560816
Picture of Nordic Elegance - 630102
Picture of Botanic Garden - 510442 Picture of Botanic Garden - 510442
Picture of Six Senses - 570211
Picture of Nordic Elegance - 630539
Picture of Botanic Garden - 510331 Picture of Botanic Garden - 510331
Picture of Heritage - 600209
Picture of Heritage - 600418
Picture of Little World - 560921