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Galerie Wallpaper

Galerie is a well-known international brand, and there are Galerie wallpapers for all needs. Here you will find high-quality choices for all decor styles and rooms. Find romantic designs perfect for the bedroom, lush leaves and colourful flowers, and fun children's paper with cute animals and ballerinas.

We help you find the right Galerie wallpaper UK

Galerie wallcoverings are available in many different styles with inspiration from different eras and countries, from steampunk to India. With us, you can buy Galerie wallpaper UK online at the best price on the market. They are easy to put up, and of course, you can also choose home delivery as an option to receive your Galerie wallpaper quickly and conveniently.

Picture of Nostalchic - G56200
Picture of Mansion - G67630
Picture of Global Fusion - G56412
Picture of Smart Stripes 2 - G67587
Picture of Vintage Roses - G45303
Picture of Vintage Roses - G45329
Picture of Vintage Roses - G45084
Picture of Mansion - G67612
Picture of Vintage Damasks - G34120
Picture of Smart Stripes 2 - G67550
Picture of Mansion - G67613
Picture of Vintage Damasks - G34127
Picture of Smart Stripes 2 - G67557
Picture of Miniatyrer - G67891
Picture of Vintage Roses - G45305
Picture of Mansion - G67611
Picture of Smart Stripes 2 - G67583
Picture of Metallic FX - W78199
Picture of Smart Stripes 2 - G67545
Picture of Just 4 Kids II - G56547
Picture of Just 4 Kids - G56011
Picture of Smart Stripes 2 - G67521
Picture of Evergreen - 7310
Picture of Just 4 Kids II - G56533
Picture of Mansion - G67607
Picture of Just 4 Kids II - G56525
Picture of Nostalchic - G56201
Picture of Vintage Roses - G45326
Picture of Global Fusion - G56432
Picture of Vintage Roses - G45056
Picture of Mansion - G67609
Picture of Vintage Roses - G45327
Picture of Nostalchic - G56203
Picture of Vintage Damasks - G34118
Picture of Miniatyrer - G67933
Picture of Metallic FX - W78206