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Harlequin Wallpaper

If you love rich colours, you will love our Harlequin wallpaper collection! Through its design collaboration with Orla Kiely, this playful brand has created some of the most iconic wallpaper designs on the market.

A rich heritage of style with Harlequin wallpaper UK

Wallcoverings from Harlequin are designed using both the latest digital technology and traditional techniques such as watercolour to create the best of both worlds. With Harlequin wallpaper UK, it is easy to be as creative as you want with home decor and create a unique home that lets your personality shine. Buy their modern designer Harlequin wallpaper from us online quickly and smoothly. If you are looking for the print called harlequin, with repeating diagonal squares, you will find these wallcoverings in the category Checkered / Harlequin.

Picture of Epitome - HSTO111499
Picture of Amazilia - HAMA111062
Picture of Mitende - HMIW112229

Mitende - HMIW112229

RRP: £84.90 £63.70

Picture of HIDE AND SEEK - 112634
Picture of Amazilia - HAMA111060
Picture of LITTLE OWLS - 112627
Picture of HIDE AND SEEK - 112633 Picture of HIDE AND SEEK - 112633
Picture of Mirabella - HWHI111200
Picture of Epitome - HSTO111501
Picture of Nuvola - HAMA111069
Picture of Jena - HLOC110310
Picture of Amazilia - HAMA111063
Picture of Amazilia - HAMA111059
Picture of Komovi - 112162
Picture of Amborella - HGAT111220
Picture of Tessellation - HMWF111983
Picture of SKIES ABOVE - 112641
Picture of Persico - HSTO111486
Picture of Orlena - HPUT111879
Picture of Kamanu - HANZ111648
Picture of BON BON - 112636 Picture of BON BON - 112636
Picture of GARDEN FRIENDS - 112635 Picture of GARDEN FRIENDS - 112635
Picture of Foxley - 112128
Picture of Affinity - HMWF111953
Picture of Metroplex - HGEO111697
Picture of Dardanella - HGAT111258
Picture of Lengau - HMIW112250

Lengau - HMIW112250

RRP: £100.40 £75.30

Picture of Salinas - 112158
Picture of Amazilia - HAMA111061
Picture of Comice - HLEO110610
Picture of Operetta - HGAT111238
Picture of Moku - HANZ111652
Picture of Belvedere - HGAT111250
Picture of BON BON - 112638