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Jaime Hayon

The Jaime Hayon collection from Eco Wallpaper contains not just new and exciting patterns – as consumers, we are also being offered a unique opportunity to get involved in creating the designs that will decorate our walls at home.
“I tried to make the graphic patterns as simple as possible and I focused on how we use wallpaper – the size, the colours, the combinations, and how we lay them out,” Jaime says. “I am fascinated by wallpaper and the difference it can make to a room. For example, how texture and reflections function in different light conditions, and what effects they can produce.”
Jaime has gone back to the fundamentals in his designs and his drawings: basic components of dots, lines and circles. With this as a basis for angles, curves, volumes and lines, he has succeeded in creating designs that combine character and discretion. These wallpaper designs will give a room both identity and personality – and they can also be combined with existing furnishing details for a harmonious yet exciting result.