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Jane Churchill Wallpaper

Jane Churchill wallpapers are English classics. Her subtle and softly coloured designs fit any room. Her use of classic and well-loved children's motifs like Winnie the Pooh and Paddington makes them ideal for a child's bedroom or playroom.

The gently flowing floral patterns and landscapes of Jane Churchill wallpaper UK are romantic and luxurious. These are wallcoverings that enhance any room, especially bedrooms. We have a wide selection of Jane Churchill wallpaper for all tastes, and with all our wallcoverings, you have a price guarantee and home delivery as an option.

Picture of Klint Stone - J8002-03
Picture of Klint Charcoal - J8002-04
Picture of Jaro - J165W-08
Picture of Moonstruck - J170W-01
Picture of Plato - J156W-06 Picture of Plato - J156W-06
Picture of Amaya - J166W-02
Picture of Jaro - J165W-04
Picture of Jaro - J165W-02
Picture of Jaro - J165W-09
Picture of Jaro - J165W-10
Picture of Zahra - J168W-01
Picture of Zahra - J168W-02
Picture of Zahra - J168W-05
Picture of Ginto - J167W-06
Picture of Batali Silver - J8005-04
Picture of Batali Copper - J8005-02
Picture of Klint Cream - J8002-01
Picture of March Hare - J135W-04 Picture of March Hare - J135W-04
Picture of March Hare - J135W-06 Picture of March Hare - J135W-06
Picture of Moonstruck - J170W-05
Picture of Ursa - J169W-01
Picture of Ursa - J169W-04
Picture of Amaya - J166W-06