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Kitchen Wallpaper

Craving to update your kitchen decor? Using a modern kitchen wallpaper is a smart solution and an excellent way to tie together the style and feeling the rest of your home exudes. With us, you can choose from beautiful kitchen wallpapers in different colours, styles and designs. Our collection of wallcoverings are perfect for the kitchen and will inspire you to make the perfect choice for your space.

Lift the look with a lovely kitchen wallpaper

Using wallpaper in the kitchen can give it a lift and create a cosiness factor in a room that is often decorated in neutral colours. Other rooms in the house are usually given priority for bold interior design, with the kitchen easily forgotten. By investing in a classic tiled kitchen wallpaper or colourful, trendy designs, you can quickly and easily create ambience and comfort.

Create atmosphere with matching dining room wallpaper

A kitchen is a place where families spend much time, and it is a good idea to give it the love it needs. Adding a kitchen wallpaper is perfect for creating the right feeling, character and style to match the rest of the home. In the kitchen, you not only want to cook but to relax, socialise and entertain. Matching kitchen and dining room wallpaper can help tie rooms together and create a stylish design or cosy feeling. It can be a good idea to consider the style of the kitchen when you choose your wallcovering. If it is a modern utility kitchen, perhaps a vinyl kitchen wallpaper is the ideal choice. Create the intimate feeling you are looking for with a retro red kitchen wallpaper or add sophistication with grey kitchen wallpaper. Your choice can really give the room a new look and harmonise it with the rest of your home.

Buy our kitchen wallpapers online

With us, you can choose from lots of different kitchen and dining room wallpapers for all types of room layouts and styles. You will find both single-colour and patterned wallpapers, and everything from retro designs to fun and funky wallpaper for kitchens. There is something to suit all types of home, so we hope you find the one that is the perfect match.  If you need guidance or help in your choice of kitchen wallpaper or have any questions, please contact us, and we will help you create your dream home.

Hip Rose - 1182

RRP: £27.80

Nocturne - 7269

RRP: £31.30

Rabarber - 1792

RRP: £57.80

Berså - 1750

RRP: £61.70

Astrid - 692-01

RRP: £76.10

Dellen - 006-09

RRP: £73.10

Dellen - 006-11

RRP: £73.10

Berså - 1751

RRP: £61.70

Astrid - 692-03

RRP: £76.10

Berså - 1753

RRP: £61.70

Timmer - 353-01

RRP: £50.60

Nyborg - 4514

RRP: £58.00

Juni - 378-03

RRP: £50.60