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Leaf Wallpaper

Leaf wallpaper is a very popular choice that suits any home style. Whether you choose a modern patterned wallpaper or traditional tree motifs, you get a little of nature's greenery in your room. These are wallcoverings that remain wonderfully energizing all year round. 

Decorate stylishly with leaf print wallcoverings

Wallpaper and leaves are still a classic combination. The close-to-nature trend continues, as decorating with leafy wallpaper in different shapes and designs is incredibly stylish. Not only do you bring nature and greenery into the home, but leaf wallcoverings also radiate both peace and harmony.

Using different green leaf wallpapers

Large green leaves, such as monstera or palm leaves, are trendy choices seen in many homes. The maple is a more northern alternative, also with very decorative leaves. On a paper with small leaves, we often see sweet hazel and birch. You will even find banana leaf wallpaper and jungle leaf wallpaper to really add a splash of the joy of nature. No matter which room you decorate, a green leaf wallpaper will fit perfectly. It is popular in kitchens to have a paper with a slightly retro feel, and many patterns, including autumn leaf wallpaper, look perfect here.

Buy wallpaper with green leaves

With us, you will find botanical papers with beautifully drawn plants. Browse lovely flora or magical ferns, small sweet leaves or bold leaf patterns - you decide! Discover all our gorgeous green leaf wallpapers here. Are you unsure which leaf wallcovering in this style suits you best? Feel free to order our product samples and have them on the wall for a few days before deciding.