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Marble Wallpaper

Marble wallpaper has become an increasingly trendy addition to interior design in recent years. In our collection, you will find beautiful choices in plain and geometric designs and multiple colours to decorate your walls. Create life, atmosphere, and a stylish home with our classic and contemporary marble effect wallpaper.

Make a statement with modern marble wallpaper

Decorative painting with a marbling effect on different surfaces has been popular for thousands of years. With marble wallpaper, you can quickly create a sophisticated feeling in the home that also adds life and movement to your walls. If you want pure luxury, you can choose a gorgeous rose gold marble wallpaper - for that little bit extra. Grey marble wallpaper is a popular choice, but we also have multiple colours, from black and white to pink marble wallpaper. Regardless of which room or space you are going to decorate, a marble design on the wallcovering fits well. It gives a modern, refined touch that adds style and is particularly useful for a striking feature wall.

Order a pink marble wallpaper online

Choose a realistic marble effect wallpaper with us today! You will find everything from pretty pink marble wallpaper for your child's room to decorative quartz patterns and retro, old-fashioned designs. Select from different colours, effects and styles to find the one that best suits you and your home. Do you want to know exactly what the marble wallpaper looks like before you decide? We always strive to represent our products as realistically as possible, but to see what it would look like in your home, we recommend ordering our product samples first.

Picture of Marble - EREE110754
Picture of Ebru - ZTOW310862
Picture of Utopia - 91210 Picture of Utopia - 91210
Picture of Boho Rhapsody - RY31102
Picture of Skin - 300583 Picture of Skin - 300583
Picture of Resource - 369161
Picture of Resource - 369159
Picture of Travertine - 2288 Picture of Travertine - 2288
Picture of HANNES VIT - 222-01 Picture of HANNES VIT - 222-01