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Orange Wallpaper

Spice up your home and create a warm and comfortable environment with orange wallpaper on the walls. With us, you can choose between both single-coloured and orange patterned wallpaper from well-known brands.

Where does an orange wallpaper fit?

An orange wallcovering gives a feeling of warmth, joy and spontaneity. Calmness and simplicity are also two qualities that this vibrant colour conveys. This means that cool orange wallpaper is perfect in any environment where you want to create this atmosphere. Above all, it is a good choice for bringing both charm and security to any children's room. Modern options like orange and grey wallpaper work well for many spaces, especially bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, halls and offices.

Find modern orange and grey wallpaper shades

Our range of orange wallcoverings is available in multiple one-colour shades, from deep burnt orange wallpaper to light peachy hues. They also come in lots of lovely patterns, including orange and grey wallpaper, for an on-trend look. You can find just the right orange shade and design to suit the style you want to create. Make your home personal, creative and unique with orange tones on the walls. Whether it is a single-coloured orange wallpaper you are looking for or one with a pattern, we hope you find the one that suits you best. If you want tips or help, you are warmly welcomed to contact us, and we will help you find the perfect wallpaper.

Picture of Dellen - 006-11 Picture of Dellen - 006-11

Dellen - 006-11

RRP: £70.20 £59.70

Picture of Melodi - 1755 Picture of Melodi - 1755

Melodi - 1755

RRP: £77.10 £61.70

Picture of Koralläng - 1461 Picture of Koralläng - 1461

Koralläng - 1461

RRP: £77.10 £61.70

Picture of Bengale - 03012/01
Picture of Morris Bellflowers Saffron/Olive - 216438 Picture of Morris Bellflowers Saffron/Olive - 216438
Picture of Nergården - 008-11 Picture of Nergården - 008-11

Nergården - 008-11

RRP: £70.20 £59.70

Picture of Scribble - HORL110425
Picture of Metallic FX - W78221
Picture of Imitations - 6318-06
Picture of Indo Chic - G67359
Picture of Berså - 1754 Picture of Berså - 1754

Berså - 1754

RRP: £77.10 £61.70

Picture of Metallic FX - W78224
Picture of Padukka - 112216
Picture of Giant Stem - HORL110396
Picture of Indo Chic - G67353
Picture of Versace IV - 37048-1
Picture of New Walls - 37425-3
Picture of Indo Chic - G67402
Picture of Miniatyrer - G67918
Picture of Belle - 5341-1
Picture of Anthologie - G56293
Picture of CHINON SPICE - PDG1119/09
Picture of Tribe - 6474 Picture of Tribe - 6474

Tribe - 6474

RRP: £52.90 £42.30

Picture of Desert Wall - 6455 Picture of Desert Wall - 6455

Desert Wall - 6455

RRP: £48.30 £38.60

Picture of Acer - ZAKA312496
Picture of Stitch - HMOT110338