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Osborne & Little Wallpaper

Since its inception in London during the 1960s, Osborne and Little wallpapers have been synonymous with colourful designs of an artistically high level. 

Inspiring Osborne & Little wallpaper

Osborne & Little's wallpapers have imaginative, inspiring patterns, often with geometric designs in art deco style. Some have large palm leaves and jungle plants, and there are vinyl wallcoverings with metallic finishes resembling animal skins or marquetry. You will also find playful children's wallcoverings with cute animals or letters of the alphabet.

Buy Osborne and Little wallpaper UK online

Several of the designs from Osborne & Little have become modern icons, and new creative collections continue to arrive. An Osborne and Little wallpaper is a real work of art, and with us, you can buy it safely online. Which Osborne and Little wallpaper will gild your home?

Picture of Ponti  - W6040-03
Picture of Ponti  - W6040-01
Picture of Green Wall - W7330-02
Picture of Derwent - W5796-01
Picture of Green Wall - W7330-01
Picture of Rhodora - W7022-02 Picture of Rhodora - W7022-02
Picture of Knot Garden - W7455-03
Picture of Kirigami - W7553-01
Picture of Vernazza - W7217-03 Picture of Vernazza - W7217-03
Picture of Feuille D'Or - W7331-04
Picture of Derwent - W5796-03
Picture of Derwent - W5796-05
Picture of Rosetta - W7337-02
Picture of Derwent - W5796-04
Picture of Chroma - W7360-25
Picture of Derwent - W5796-06
Picture of Palm House - W7452-02
Picture of Vaujours - W6014-06
Picture of Grove Garden - W5603-10
Picture of Portovenere - W7213-01 Picture of Portovenere - W7213-01
Picture of Sotherton - W7460-01
Picture of Fantasque - W6890-05
Picture of Fullerton - W7454-02
Picture of Cervo - W7211-01 Picture of Cervo - W7211-01
Picture of Netherfield - W7450-03
Picture of Sylvania - W7457-01
Picture of Quartz - CW5410-31
Picture of Petra - CW6005-04
Picture of Radnor - W5795-01
Picture of Palais Chinois - W6011-09
Picture of Oriole - W6491-02