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Palm Leaf Wallpaper

Jungle inspired palm leaf wallpaper gives a tropical feeling and adds luxury to your walls. With its association with ancient Egypt and the rainforest, the palm tree’s decorative leaves have long been popular. As a patterned design, tropical leaf wallpaper in the home is both stylish and trendy. 

Create an exotic interior with tropical leaf wallpaper 

Few things are as beautifully trendy as gorgeous green palm print wallpaper on the walls. It combines well with other classic styles and looks fabulous as a feature wall. If you happen to have a heat lamp, these wallcoverings can create your very own tropical destination at home! 

Order your palm leaf wallpaper UK online

With us, you can choose from a wide range of palm tree leaves wallpaper in both stylised or beautifully realistic designs. Of course, you have both a price guarantee and home delivery as an option when you order online from us.