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Photo Wallpaper Stone Wallpaper

Are you yearning for a stone wallpaper that gives your walls a completely new look? With us, you will find a collection of stone-effect papers in many different shades and designs. 

Decorate with realistic stone wallcovering

Do you want your walls at home to look like real stone? Do you want to create a feeling of rustic charm but still have a modern and peaceful atmosphere? Then one of our stone wallcovering is perfect for you. With our stone and slate effect wallpaper, you can turn any space into a statement. Make it cool and cosy or trendy and industrial with a stone design on the walls. It is both affordable and really impressive!

Where does stone effect wallpaper fit?

As long as you want to create a look of natural stone and texture, a stone effect wallpaper fits anywhere in a home. Create a homely living room or redo the bathroom or bedroom with our modern paper. A tip can be to soften the decor a little by adding soft and fluffy accessories to contrast with the stone wallpaper. Do you choose a subtle stone design to adorn the bedroom walls, or do you want to create a new atmosphere in the hall? We have a huge variety to choose from, including 3D stone wallpaper, perfect for a feature wall.

Order your stone wallpaper from us

Choose between stone wall wallpaper in different shades, textures, patterns and designs to find the perfect one for you. If you want tips or help, you are warmly welcome to contact us, and we will help you find the right wallcovering.

Picture of Compaeras Picture of Compaeras
Picture of Balance Picture of Balance
Picture of Ruby crystal Picture of Ruby crystal
Picture of Balance Picture of Balance
Picture of Stonehenge Picture of Stonehenge