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Wardrobe wallpaper

Who said you cant wallpaper a closet? Certainly not us. Wardrobes in particular have recently become trendy to wallpaper in beautiful colours. In simple terms, we explain how to make the simplest wardrobe an eye-catching part of your interior. Putting up wallpaper on wardrobe doors is a quick and easy way to add a little spice to your interior. Either you can use leftover wallpaper from wallpapering rooms, or you can invest in a brand-new wallpaper. 

Wallpapering wardrobes

You can either match the wallpaper already in the room with a solid colour or select one in a similar pattern in the same colour. For a cosy and sound-absorbing effect, you can decorate the door with a textile wallpaper.

Make your wardrobe door more fun with a photo wallpaper

Photo wallpapers are also very popular to put on wardrobe doors, with a tropical landscape or a deep forest, it will be like a window right into nature. Our photo wallpapers have the advantage that they come in pre-cut pieces in the height measurements you specify, and with a width of 45 cm that fits most wardrobe doors in standard dimensions.

A more fun wardrobe with wallpapered wardrobe doors

It is relatively easy to put up wallpaper on the wardrobe. Remember to pre-clean the doors with paint surface cleaner and sand the surface with fine sandpaper so that the wallpaper sticks better. If you can take down the doors before wallpapering, this will make the process easier, but isn't necessary. Any handles or door knobs should be removed and put back after wallpapering for the best possible edges. Be sure to wipe off glue that ends up outside the pieces of wallpaper and be sure to lay the pieces on the door correctly.