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Wallpaper For Bedrooms

Create the perfect feeling in your bedroom with the help of our specially selected wallpapers for bedrooms. With us, you can choose modern bedroom wallpaper in different colours, styles and patterns, all from well-known brands. You can find all the designs we think are perfect for creating that stylish dream bedroom. Browse choices from the subtle richness of rose gold bedroom wallpaper to 3D wallpaper for the bedroom.

Decorate with wallpaper for bedrooms

The bedroom is where we want to find peace and quiet to recover from the day—a room that promotes natural sleep. With that in mind, the decor and the bedroom wallpaper should be in colours and patterns pleasing to the eye. Choosing to decorate your bedroom with paper in a style that relaxes you is a key element to creating your dream bedroom. 

Select the bedroom wallpaper that works for you

Wallpaper for bedrooms can give a room character, feeling and personality. You can do this by using bedroom wallpaper on a feature wall or the entire room. For example, some people may prefer wallpaper in the bedroom to be romantic, while others prefer dark or natural-coloured wallcoverings. We have collated a range of wallpapers for bedrooms that we believe do well in meeting your needs. Check them out to find inspiration for your dream look in the bedroom.

Choosing the right colour for your bedroom wallcovering

Good options for colours for wallpaper for bedrooms include blue, green and grey as they radiate calm and create a feeling of being close to nature. Neutral shades are also a popular choice for a comforting cosiness, so consider a soft grey bedroom wallpaper to inject this element. The addition of another colour can add depth to your bedroom, like purple for a hint of romance or red for passion. The important thing is that you are comfortable with the bedroom wallcovering that you choose. Using wallpaper in the bedroom can elevate the room, giving it the character and style you want.

Buy wallpaper for bedrooms online

With us, you will find stylish wallpapers for the bedroom for every type of home. Our wallpapers for bedrooms suit different accommodation—from your home to hotels, B&Bs and even spas, where sleep and tranquillity are the focus. You can also find bedroom wall coverings in various shades, styles and patterns so that you can opt for the right one for your home, creating your statement bedroom. If you need guidance or help in your choice of wallpaper for bedrooms or have any questions, please contact us, and we will help you create your dream environment.

Nocturne - 6331

RRP: £39.90

Hazel - 7663

RRP: £71.90

Nora - 4535

RRP: £71.90

Nocturne - 7268

RRP: £39.90

Ginkgo - 7265

RRP: £39.90

Mirage - 7260

RRP: £55.90

Rabarber - 1792

RRP: £79.90

Hip Rose - 1183

RRP: £39.90

Aurora - 1790

RRP: £49.10

Helena - 5461

RRP: £34.90

Björk - 382-01

RRP: £58.20

Dun - 391-04

RRP: £67.90

Trapez - 1781

RRP: £71.90

Dun - 391-02

RRP: £67.90

Seagulls - 8856

RRP: £55.90

Tessin - 4504

RRP: £79.90