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William Morris Wallpapers

Today, William Morris wallpapers are iconic designs loved around the world. Artist, designer and author William Morris was born in 1834 near London, UK. This rich man's son would come to characterise wallpaper design almost 200 years later. With his creativity and beautiful designs, he strived to make his art available to ordinary people.

Classic wallpapers from William Morris

With us, you will find a complete range of wallcoverings from Morris & Co. Since its inception more than a hundred years ago, this English company has produced William Morris wallpaper of the highest quality for a more beautiful home. Many of their William Morris style wallpaper patterns have existed since the beginning of the 19th century. They really reflect the expression, "If walls could speak." Like the man behind them, William Morris wallpapers have a lot to say to those who want to listen.

William Morris wallpapers in different designs

William Morris wallpapers were groundbreaking with patterns inspired by nature's wildness, which broke with the traditional Victorian style. From William Morris strawberry thief wallpaper to William Morris blackthorn wallpaper, they are works of art in all their glory. Patterns are often in muted, soft colours such as moss green, turquoise, burgundy and azure. Much of William Morris's inspiration came from the outside in the form of beautiful roses, poppies and rosehips. According to William Morris himself, you should not have anything in your home that is not beautiful or useful, and we agree. Our range of wallcoverings are now also available in updated, bright colours, like the William Morris golden lily wallpaper, for the modern and sophisticated home.

William Morris style wallpaper is an artform

With William Morris style wallpaper on your walls, every room becomes a work of art. The wallcoverings are made with superb craftsmanship and have traditionally been made of textile. But now, you can also get William Morris wallpaper in non-woven materials, which are easy to put up yourself, but with just as beautiful results. Buy a range of classic William Morris wallpaper quickly and safely online with us.

Picture of Thistle Red - WM8608/4
Picture of Daisy Willow/Pink - 212562
Picture of Marigold Manilla - 210372
Picture of Pink & Rose Indigo - 212567
Picture of Garden Craft Ink - 210357 Picture of Garden Craft Ink - 210357
Picture of Branch Forest - 210374
Picture of Fruit Wine/Manilla - 210397
Picture of Artichoke Loam - 210354