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Zoffany Wallpaper

Zoffany wallpaper exudes modern elegance and exclusivity, combining modern technological innovation with trend awareness. Zoffany wallpaper also draws inspiration from its extensive archive of patterns dating back to the 17th century. 

Find Zoffany wallpaper UK online

With wallcoverings from Zoffany, you will find the latest and the oldest designs, always in the highest quality. Their damask papers with a textile feel are among our bestselling Zoffany wallpapers. The brand also has a wide selection of vinyl papers, often with a metallic lustre, so that you can create interesting textures in your home. We have a complete range of wallpapers from Zoffany, so you can find your favourite and order your Zoffany wallpaper UK easily and smoothly with us online.

Picture of Cochin - ZJAI311708
Picture of Jaipur - ZJAI311722
Picture of Eleonora - ZGUV08003
Picture of Conway - ZTOT312745
Picture of Cochin - ZJAI311709
Picture of Highclere - ZDAR312854
Picture of Palme - ZJAI311715
Picture of Abstract 1928 - 312887
Picture of Eleonora - ZGUV08004
Picture of Wallis - ZDAR312868
Picture of Silk Plain - ZTOW310880
Picture of Cascade - ZCSC312156
Picture of Pomegranate - CDW01007
Picture of Strie - ZPAL312724
Picture of Landseer - ZPHA312614
Picture of Woodville - ZWOO311346
Picture of Umi - AKV310395
Picture of Lustre Tile - ZTOT312830
Picture of Oblique Raku - ZTOT312811
Picture of Leighton - ZPHA312604
Picture of Seizo Raku - ZSEI312770
Picture of Iliad - ZKEM312637
Picture of Jaipur Plain - ZJAI311727
Picture of Ormonde - ZDAR312874
Picture of Pomegranate - ZPAL312694
Picture of Ribbon Coral - ZCSC312133
Picture of Ribbon Coral - ZCSC312126
Picture of Shagreen - 312909
Picture of Mosaic - 312917
Picture of Columns - 312968