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Hallway wallpapers

Create a lovely, cosy, and welcoming feeling in the hallway with the help of a hallway wallpaper. Here we have gathered some inspiration for those who are on the hunt for our most beautiful hallway wallpapers. Choose between various well-known brands and lots of wallpapers for the hallway in different styles and patterns that go perfectly in a hallway.

Decorate hallways with wallpaper

The hallway is the first room you see when you enter a home. It provides the first impression of the home and who lives there. Therefore, it's important that it feels welcoming, cosy and gives a good first impression, which a hallway wallpaper can achieve. Hallway wallpapers can therefore provide a hint of style and feeling in other parts of the home as well as give an impression of whoever lives there. Putting up wallpaper in the hallway gives you a good opportunity to achieve the style and feel you're aiming for in your home early on, showing it off in the home's first room. If it's a retro feeling you want to convey in the home, a retro wallpaper is a good option for a hallway wallpaper and the same with other styles, colours, and patterns. If you have an upper floor, the stairs are sometimes located in the hallway. Be bold and dare to display the same wallpaper in the hallway and up the stairs as well as other spaces for a cool, beautiful look in all areas of your home.

Buy hallway wallpapers online

Here, you can choose between hallway wallpapers from well-known brands and in different colours, styles, and patterns to find just the wallpaper that best suits your hallway. Since we don't spend much time in the hallway, it may be the right time to get bold and venture into a wallpaper that you otherwise would hesitate to use. In the hallway, all patterns, colours, and styles work excellently. If you need guidance or help with your choice of wallpaper or have any questions, please contact us and we will help you create your dream home.


Thistle - 7203

RRP: £47.90

Foxglove - 7221

RRP: £47.90

Ester - 7660

RRP: £71.90

Ellips - 383-03

RRP: £58.20

Mizo - 5464

RRP: £34.90

Sofia - 4532

RRP: £71.90

Amorina - 1771

RRP: £71.90

Björk - 382-04

RRP: £58.20

Seagulls - 8856

RRP: £55.90

Lilja - 5492

RRP: £34.90

Britta - 396-01

RRP: £67.90

Melodi - 1755

RRP: £79.90

Dun - 391-03

RRP: £67.90