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Living Room Wallpaper

Create a cosy living space with one of our beautiful living room wallpapers. Here we have collected all our living room and lounge wallpapers so you can find inspiration. You are sure to find the perfect living room wallpaper for your particular space. Choose from different styles, patterns and colours to create your dream living room.

Choosing the right living room wallpaper 

The living room is where we spend the most time together, a room for relaxation or activity. Living room wallpaper should therefore provide an environment where we can feel comfortable, calm or energised. Any living room needs to function in many different ways to match our moods and pastimes. Sometimes we want to be active with games and other times we need to relax having dinner with friends. Most of the time, we want the living room to be a cosy environment where we can watch TV, read a book or fall asleep on the couch. It is a space where we want to feel comfortable and at home, so our choice of living room wallpaper is important. When you choose paper for a sitting room, lounge or TV room, it should deliver the atmosphere you want to create. A living room wallpaper feature wall is a great way to achieve this balance of harmony and energy. If you are looking for stylish wallpaper for modern living rooms in patterns or solid colour, we are sure you will find it with us.

Experiment with your living room wallpaper

Dare to add a little extra design creativity using both colours and patterns with your chosen papers. Using 3d wallpaper for living rooms is a good choice for giving a room character and added energy. Silver wallpaper for living rooms can add a vibrant and sophisticated touch. Of course, subtle one-colour options like grey living room wallpaper will work just as well for a clean and stylish look. It is you who decides what is perfect for you and your home.

Buy living room wallpapers online

We have a wide range of stylish living room wallpapers in our collection. You can choose between plain and patterned papers in different colours and designs that will fit perfectly in your living space. No matter where you live and what style of home you have, we are sure you can find the perfect paper to suit you.  If you need any guidance or help in your choice of living room wallpaper or have any questions, please contact us, and we will help you create your dream home.

Hip Rose - 1184

RRP: £39.90

Mirage - 7260

RRP: £55.90

Rabarber - 1791

RRP: £79.90

Camille - 7206

RRP: £39.90

Flora - 5474

RRP: £39.70

Loka - 4528

RRP: £71.90

Sense - 1170

RRP: £39.90

Trapez - 1778

RRP: £71.90

Oatmeal - 7968

RRP: £31.90

Daisy - 7655

RRP: £71.90

Windrose - 8862

RRP: £55.90

Carl - 5487

RRP: £34.90

Peony - 7223

RRP: £71.90

Amorina - 1770

RRP: £71.90

Foglavik - 4521

RRP: £71.90

Grace - 7276

RRP: £55.90

Diamonds - 8805

RRP: £47.90

Ellips - 383-04

RRP: £58.20

Siri - 4538

RRP: £71.90