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Bathroom wallpaper

Can you wallpaper a bathroom? The obvious answer is - of course you CAN wallpaper a bathroom. However, there are some very important things to keep in mind when choosing bathroom wallpaper.

What should you keep in mind when wallpapering the bathroom?

Very few wallpapers are formally approved for wet areas, so we unfortunately cannot recommend wallpapering in bathrooms where you have a shower or bath. It can be done; however, you should mount the wallpaper behind a glass plate or similar and have the job done and inspected by a certified craftsman, for safety reasons. This way, your bathroom wallpaper will last. If you have a separate toilet or guest toilet, on the other hand, where there isn’t much moisture, we can highly recommend wallpapering your bathroom. Depending on how much the room is used and estimated wear, it may be good to choose a stable wallpaper that can be wiped, such as a vinyl wallpaper. Otherwise, it's a great opportunity to really let go and choose a wallpaper with a lot of pattern and colour when you're looking for a wallpaper for the bathroom.

Which wallpaper patterns go in bathrooms?

Wallpaper with fish is a popular choice in bathrooms and very decorative. Even sea or lake plants, such as water lilies and corals, go well thematically on a wallpaper in the bathroom. Did you know that corals aren't really a plant, but an animal? A wallpaper that imitates stone or tile is also a good choice if you don’t want full tile. Tile-inspired wallpaper is available in both natural colours for a calmer look and with patterns and colours. Feel free to get inspired by the Turkish bathhouse style with a blue and white tile pattern when you wallpaper your bathroom. Of course, there's no rule saying you need a pattern with a water theme in the bathroom - it is entirely up to you.