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Borosan Easyup 17

Borosan’s aesthetic appeal lies in its wide range of patterns. This impressive variety means the collection can enhance a multitude of different interior styles and fit within different types of rooms. To follow today’s trends, choose between graphic looks with natural themes, block-colour wallpapers or decorative floral patterns.

All of our wallpapers cover the surface beneath, so no painting is required before hanging the wallpaper. Borosan is truly a result of expertise and experience. Our design team is passionate about creating new patterns and colour compositions. This, combined with our high-quality Swedish production and a real dedication to sustainability, makes it easy to understand why both artisans and private individuals have chosen Borosan since 1956.

Picture of Linen Rose - 33537
Picture of Soft Ornamnet - 33534
Picture of Linen Rose - 33539 Picture of Linen Rose - 33539
Picture of Surface - 33549
Picture of Angel - 33519
Picture of Retro Weave - 33509
Picture of Love - 33505
Picture of Surface - 33550
Picture of Wooden Panel - 33517
Picture of Soft Ornamnet - 33535
Picture of Textile - 33560
Picture of Decor - 33524
Picture of Plain - 33548
Picture of Agnes - 33515
Picture of Linen Star - 33532
Picture of Linen Star - 33531